k2/Emerald/Coin-Operated Boy (sushigrade) wrote,
k2/Emerald/Coin-Operated Boy

A quick update

Happy New Year, everyone.

My right wrist has been hurting a lot lately, between trackpad useage and fake guitar playing, so I went to see my primary care provider yesterday. The LPN diagnosed me with tendinitis; I'm now wearing a wrist brace, avoiding activities that will further strain my wrist, and taking 600mg of ibuprofen every six hours.

Considering that ibuprofen makes me really drowsy, I think I'm pretty much going to spend the next few weeks in a coma.

This is also not making my current task any easier; I'm applying to grad school at Cornell (development sociology), and I'm down to just needing to study for and take the GREs and write my personal statement, neither of which is really helped by varying degrees of chemical haze. I'm not sure why the personal statement is proving to be so hard; it's really just talking about yourself. I'm very good at talking about myself. Hell, I've kept a blog for long enough that I ought to have enough life credit for a Ph.D in self-discussion by now.

Back to it. Wish me luck.
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